How To Do Beach Hair

How to do beach hair

We love everything about the beach, from the grains of sand that fits snugly between our toes, to the constant rush of waves of the sea breeze running through our hair but to keep that effortlessly stylish beach hair, here are some perfect products for holiday essential and hints and tips to get that sexy loose tousled waved aka beach hair.

Most people have some sort of natural wave to their hair, and a professional salt spray is the secret to getting the perfect beach look; Salt spray works well on pretty much most hair types, from thin, straight, thick and especially curly, salt spray adds volume and help create that ‘I just got off the beach look’


Alterna bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist.

Suitable for all hair types providing strength and shine this light weight texturizing mist gently defines hair in soft beach like waves.

Wella Ocean Spitz

Create the beach look with irresistible chunky texture infused with salt and a blend of polymers, making roughened up enviable beach waves without leaving the hair feeling stiff or crunchy, delivering soft hold definition to waves and gives straight styles a chunky tousled feel.

Kms California Hairplay sea salt spray

Adding fullness and texture to your hair with a light hold. Formulated with grape, peppermint and sea salt, this light pump spray is designed to give beach like style, allow you to work rough style into your locks with flexible movements whilst giving a matte finish for tousled hair.

L’Anza Healing style Beach Spray

Formulated with the keratin healing system, creating tousled windswept hair styles with natural waves and separation. UVA, UVB and UVC filters provide essential sunscreen and protection from thermal styling equipment.

Sebastian Professional

This light weight highly versatile, mineral styling spray, infused with sea salt crystals adds body and texture to layers leaving a matte finish.

Tigi Catwalk session series salt spray

Gives a light pliable hold to your hair, this texturizing spray controls frizz and fights humidity. Spray onto wet hair to get beach like effortless waves, with a lightweight, flexible hold

How to;

There is no right or wrong way to creating that beach bohemian wave, but now you have the low-down on the product front here’s a few different technique ideas to achieve that sexy beach wave, whether your on holiday or at home!

Most Salt Sprays work best on towel dried hair; Spray through the hair evenly concentrating more on mid length and ends, but keeping in mind that less is always more.

  •  Firstly try diffusing the hair, cupping up the ends of your hair up to the head with a scrunching action using a medium heat to ensure hair dries evenly and prevent from going frizzy; also try diffusing hair upside down to get added volume.
  • Use a curling iron to polish up a few random pieces but try not to go crazy, less is more!
  • For a more tighter wavy look try spray onto wet hair then braid into a long plait and let hair dry throughout the day.
  • To achieve a longer loose look, spray lightly onto dry hair, wrapping hair in two inch sections around a large- barrel curling iron leaving ends, so give a more of an undone look, making curls looks less defined. Rake hands through hair to break curls up.
  • Try spraying onto wet hair and twist the hair into a bun and when you open up hair will be wavy or curly depending on the natural structure of your hair.
  • Even go “au natural’ and try and spray onto wet hair and let the sea breeze do all the hard work for you, every now and again just give hair a bit of a scrunch to add more definition.
  • Don’t have a diffuser? Not a problem trying twisting chunks of sections and dry with the hair dryer from root to tips for pretty beach waves.



Beach Hair

Sun sea and lazy days by the pool, the perfect combination for idyllic holidays but the sizzling temperatures can be something of a nightmare resulting in more straw-like than sexy hair which can look discolored and dull, the side effects of the sun and UV exposure. it is therefore essential to protect your locks to look your best on the beach!


Transform every hair type from limp, fine locks to dry coarse curls, everyone can benefit from these products. In actual fact hair oils are the new hair serum, so while they add a glossy shine, hair oils also provide protection and nourishment.

Moroccan Oil

Savyour hair product for any hair which is so  versatile, can be used as a detangling, conditioning, styling and finishing product, keeping hair highly hydrated preventing drying out from the sun, restoring lost protein for added strength, vitamins and omega3 for amazing shine.

L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil

Is small enough for hand luggage and has heat and UV protection all packed into one. It heals and strengthens the hair and also acts as a barrier from harmful chlorine and sea water.

Conditioner and Hair masks

We protect and our skin with sun screen, and its just as important to protect our hair as it’s more fragile on holiday due to the heat which causes drying, fading and breakage! Not all water abroad agrees with hair types not to mention salt water and chorine, so ensuring you have the right conditioner will keep your hair glossy and healthy whatever your locks are challenged with.

Joico k-pak Revitaluxe Hair Masque

Rebuilds damaged hair making it 2x more resistance to breakage and dramatically increases moisture whilst protecting from colour fade by 94% leaving your locks stronger and smoother.

Kerastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active

This high fibre UV defense aftersun treatment masque will reinforce and replenish hair especially in the areas most needed leaving hair soft and shiny with a long lasting colour radiance

Wella Professional Sun Protection Spray

Protects hair from UV rays containing a vitamin complex that hydrates the hair leaving it soft to the touch

Heat Protection Sprays

Are a must to protect your hair from drying out this summer, preventing colour fade, splitting and breaking therefore ensuring you keep your hair healthy and frizz free this summer


This spray adds an invisible protection from heat damage keeping your hair feeling irresistibly soft and protected with a ‘no product feel’

Moroccan oil heat protection spray

Effectively prevents breakage and split ends, with optimal heat protection, leaving a soft glossy look with a firm hold that lasts throughout the day


Leave in styling creams are great for any hair type depending on which product, and what you are trying to achieve. Below are some good styling creams which will keep your hair well nourished and protected whilst on holiday in the sizzling heat.

Wella Professional Sun Protection Cream for Hair and Body, enriched with allantoin, providing essential nourishment after sun exposure, soothing your hair leaving your locks and skin velvety shimmery soft to touch.

Kerastase Soleil cc crème,

This leave in cream contains UV filters repairing oils and illuminating pearls to smooth and illuminate holiday hair.

Styling Products

Are an essential part of any hair style and can make a big difference between your hairstyle lasting all day and night or flopping as soon as you get out of the door.

 Bed Head Spoil Me

Perfect for post beach styling; this product defrizzes hair making it smoother ready for an instant restyle. Apply over hair after swimming or sitting in the sun to smooth frizziness and recreate a hairstyle super quick

Fudge Salt Spray

Perfect for that loose effortless sexy beach look, simply spray onto wet hair and let that natural sea breeze simply style you hair into sex beach waves, contains pro vitamin B to strengthen with UVA and UVB filters.

Finish Products

It’s important to take the right finishing products as there’s nothing worse after all your hard work, styling your hair and as soon as you step out into the high humidity, It just goes back into a frizzy mess! Don’t worry though all you need is that ‘finishing touch’.

Joico Humidity blocker

All time holiday essential for getting rid of those ‘i don’t know why I bothered doing my hair today’ comments! This humidity blocker spray puts a light shield around the hair to providing the ultimate barrier against humidity and moisture keeping it frizz free, keeping your freshly styled hair to perfection with a light hold.

Hair Serum

Joico k-pak Protect and Shine Serum,

Polishes and seals the hair cuticle whilst helping prevent the dreaded frizz and split ends. Packed with macadamia seed oil and evening primrose oil it adds a lightweight shine

Fudge Gloss Defizz Hair Serum (50ml)

This handy little tube contains UV and thermal protection with vitamin E and a fresh citrus fragrance leave your hair silky and frizz free.

Shine spray

Moroccan Oil Glimmer Spray

Puts an invisible veil of pure healthy high shine onto the hair without making it look greasy. Infused with argen oil to prevent from frizzing whilst protecting hair from damaging effects from UV exposure it leaves a long lasting shine.

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist

Eliminates frizz and flyaway putting a high polished mirror-like shine onto the hair,  with colour hold technology and bamboo making hair stronger healthier and intensely shiny.

Hair spray

Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity

Puts a lightweight but strong hold onto hair which can be constantly re-styled, can be brushed out again and again without leaving a film on the hair surface, whilst helping the hair with humidity protection.

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray 

Adds serious volume to your hair, guards against dryness with a medium hold ; this anti humidity hairspray leaves a high shine, helping your hairstyle last all day.